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Dominique Zinkpe
Ambiance velo (Bike atmosphere), 2019
79 x 71 x 31 in.
200.7 x 180.3 x 78.7 cm
$ 14,270.00 USD
Hessian, Wood, Glue, Wire, Found Object Dyman Gallery In his words, "The main influences on my work are African and Western cultures. On the African side, it’s the Animists, with the Westerners its Egon Schiele, Basquiat and Bacon. That's what feeds my creativity, helping me create my artworks. It seems I was born to create art because I have skills that help me create. So very early on, I decided only to do art. I think the world helped me discover art. Basically, I just want to share what's on my mind - its that simple. So, the world inspires me to create"
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