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Shari Phoenix
I'm Not Your Nigger, 2020
13 x 11 in.
33 x 27.9 cm
$ 1,500.00 USD
Watercolor on Paper Shari Phoenix was born in Barbados, in 1997. She completed her Associates degree at the Barbados Community College in 2016 and continues with a Bachelor degree in fine arts at the same college. Shari’s work interrogates ideas of beauty and the representation of Afro-Caribbean women through traditional costume making and design. Shari has been involved in the NCF Mural project, working with international artist Philippe Dodard (2017). She has also participated in a group exhibition “Central Bank of Barbados Crop over Visual Arts Festival, Village and Art walk” (2018). Shari continues to live and work in Barbados. “Not your Nigger” series: Arguably, the Black caricature has made an enormous impact on numerous aspects of our daily lives, from childhood to adulthood and from cartoons to a pancake syrup logo. The Black caricature has been used as a visual representation to racial ridicule the Black identity as a collective. The caricature by nature imitates a person’s physical appearance through comical and grotesque means. It is an art from meant for laughs at others expense. This series “Not your nigger” is meant to be a reclamation of the physical attributes used to mock the Black identity. Within these self-portraits, the character embraces the over exaggerations of the characteristics of the Black caricature and blatantly says ‘I’m not your nigger.” In reclaiming these features, it attempts to dismantle the position of power held over the Black individual by these racist representations.
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