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Mpho Mokgadi
Corner Joubert street and Jeppe, 2019
26 x 26 in.
66 x 66 cm
$ 1,461.02 USD
Photography, 1 of 7 Dyman Gallery "I moved to Johannesburg to study photography at the Market Photo Workshop to develop my skills, when I arrived it was an overwhelming environment form me. I could hardly relate with the city in relations to Pretoria, I was filled with confusion, alienation and loneliness. Based on the experiences and encounters that I am facing in this 'new city' (Johannesburg), the project for a body of work/series that I have been forming speaks towards and unpacks the period I have been living alone in two cities. I am seeking to explore how detachment and alienation affects engagement or lack of engagement, with ones physical surroundings. Though as a photographer I have been fascinated as to how does this non-relation with a new space allows for creation or being able to interact with space in the hopes of producing an image. Each image/shot, starts to question how the feeling of detachment reveals an expression of emptiness within the outside world. My experience of Large Cities, through observation has led me to seeing a landscape of overloaded with competing commercialization of a space and disconnected information in relation to the people making use of the city as a place (lacking connection). In my photographs I try to find human emotional aspects in spaces that appear empty, through artificial light, form, composition and circumstances."
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